Kimpton Manor Apple Press

Your Apples, Our Press


We press your apples into healthy, delicious apple juice.

Bring us as many of your garden apples or pears as you can and we will press, bottle and pasteurise them at our Hampshire Apple Press. To complete the process we will then label them with your own personalised label, (label choices in the section 'labelling') and your apple juice will ready to be stored for up to 8 months.

A video of our Press:

By juicing your fruit we help to reduce waste in the garden.  We accept most fruit unless they are badly bruised or rotten. You can also blend different varieties of apple or even apples and pears together in order to give your juice a delicious taste.

Your own natural apple juice perfectly complements any meal, and can also be an original gift idea. It can only be better than shop-bought alternatives?

Our Apple Press is the perfect way of creating your own appetising juice. Have the natural and delicious flavour of your own apples in every bottle.

Juice is £2.80 per bottle WITH your personel details on the labels,

or £2.20 for bottles without labels.