Kimpton Manor Apple Press

Leaving Fruit & Labelling

Leaving Fruit:

Fruit can be left at any point from Saturday morning at 6am, onwards until Thursday morning at 12pm. If you have a bad back, or think you might require assistance, send us an email so that we can be prepared to meet you.

When you drive into the farm yard you will see a 'drop off point' sign on the right in the open sided barn.

Please empty your fruit into our containers and stack them (if you have more than one). Fill your details in on one of the forms hanging from the beam, and leave it under an apple in the top crate.

N.B. Please use the same name on the above mentioned form for all your dealings. You will also have a batch number on the top right hand side.

On the form you will be asked if you want a label or not. If you do, please go online ASAP here and fill in the label details, so as not to slow the process.

Juice will usually be ready within two weeks of delivery. If you do not hear by the end of the two week period then please do contact us, as we do get behind with our paper work!

Picking up juice:

Juice will be found in the large black barn on the left of the farm yard. It will have your details on the box with a bill on the top. The barn is open from 8.30am until 7pm, with the doors wide open when the weather is good.


Please use our label customisation form to let us know your details and preferred label style.

We have a range to pick from, including two styles which can be customised with your own image.

Please substitute 'House Name' for anything you would like on the label i.e. a child's name, your name or indeed the name of the house where the apples were grown.

If we do not have a label choice on the day your juice is bottled unfortunately your apples will be held up.

If you have any problems with the label form, send us an email at with your labelling specifications.