Kimpton Manor Apple Press

Different Juices

At the press, we can create many different variations of juice. Although we specialise in exquisite apple juice the press can also turn pears into juice, strawberries, raspberries, any fruit without a stone will go into the belt press.

When we press your fruit juice we add just a few drops of Vitamin C to give your juice stability. This stops the brown oxidisation tint you get when you peel apples. Nothing else gets added.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need to book apples in to the press?

No, not unless you have over 12 crates, in which case notice is needed. Please send us an email or give us a ring.

2. How much juice will my apples make?

We cannot estimate how much juice your apples will produce, as each variety is so different. However, as a really loose estimate, one of our crates will make 8-14 bottles.

3. Do I have to give my label details before dropping off my fruit?

YES! Please provide label (or non-label) requests in writing using the Labelling Page email address. If we do not have a label choice on the day your juice is bottled unfortunately we will not be able to label your bottles.

4. When will you be pressing?

We will press on Mondays every day through to Thursday.

5. Do we really get our own apple juice back?

YES! We go to great lengths to ensure it is only your apples juice you get back!

6. What is the smallest or largest quantities of apples you will press?

The smallest amount is a well filled wash basket. The largest.... a truck?!

7. Where shall I find the juice when ready?

Juice will be found in the large black barn on the left of the farm yard. It will have your details on the box with a bill on the top. The barn is open from 8.30am until 7pm, with the doors wide open when the weather is good.

8. How do I pay?

Payment by cash or cheque (written to Kimpton Apple Press) can be posted into the white post box on the stage inside the big black barn.

9. Should I  return old bottles after I have used them?

We are now starting to recycle bottles, HOWEVER they must be washed clean inside and out, have no plastic or paper on them when returned for recycling, and be re-delivered inside the cardboard boxes they came in, for stacking purposes. This only applies to glass bottles from our own press.

10. Apparently you make an alcoholic drink [that is not cider!]?

YES! We do! Have you tried Churchwarden's? If you're interested in making your apples into a 25%ABV alcoholic tipple please contact us immediately!